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Kristina, Lil and Ollie at TOTP
Kristina, Lil and Ollie

It's all about Lilleeeeeeeeeeee! is a fansite for the lovely Lil (aka Liz) McClarnon, the 25 year-old pop-princess from Liverpool, UK, who since 1999 has been one of the trio that are Atomic Kitten, and who is now embarking on a successful solo career.

Lil herself is a big fan of, as you can read in our interviews with her. We aim to support Lil in every way we can, and in-turn have the support of Lil and her management, particularly whilst there is no other official solo site, so that we can bring you all there is to know about Lil, including her event diary and news.

This site has been put together and is maintained by Ollie and Kristina, but with the support and contributions of many many others, in no particular order Lil, Kathy, Scotty, Jenn, Veri, and all those who have submitted pictures, reviews, questions or given other help.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy what you've found here and come back soon. We of course urge you to buy Lil's fantastic debut single, the double A-side Woman In Love and I Get The Sweetest Feeling, that was released on the 13th February 2006, and all her forthcoming work! If you have any questions or issues, please contact us via email to webmaster[at], or post a message in our guestbook!