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Ask Lil! allows you to ask Lil whatever you want! Submit your questions, and we'll choose the best ones and get the answers to them! Then we'll post them below for you and everyone to read!! To submit questions, click the 'Ask my own question!' button below.

Select interview date: "Hi Lil, welcome to Denby Dale. How is everything at the moment? "

Lil Mac: "Yeah, very very good. I’m really happy to be here. " "How is it to be performing publicly in the UK again, the first time for a few months? "

Lil Mac: "Yeah. Good, and there’s loads more coming up especially with promotion and there being no big music shows any more like TOTP.. *sobs* nightmare!… so I’ll be doing a lot more stuff like this, it’s exciting!" "And how does it feel to perform straight after (and not with) Natasha?"

Lil Mac: "Mad, because we were talking and then she just said “Love ya, see ya? and went out on stage, and that was it. It was weird watching her on stage because I went “Am I meant to be on??… Just for a second!! “Ooh, what am I doing?!? But then I thought no, I’m on after!" "What is the best thing about doing summer festivals – what do you enjoy the most?"

Lil Mac: "The weather usually – but it’s absolutely freezing today!" "If you had the chance to organise your own festival, who would be on your line-up list and where would you want it to take place, or maybe slightly easier to answer, which festival or concert would you most like to play?"

Lil Mac: "Ah, everyone from the past… brilliant! I’d want it to be in Swansea! Yeah, everyone of my past… I’d want all the girls on it. I want everyone...I can’t think! If I could then I’d love to have the Spice Girls and Jet. I’d have Kelly Clarkson performing, Kelly Underwood.? KEITH!? “KEITH, OF COURSE! I’d have Rascal Flats as well! That’s a good line up!" "How was it to perform in Moscow recently? What were the crowd there like?"

Lil Mac: "Absolutely wicked! We (Lil points to her backing singers) were just talking about it, it was phenomenal, it was so good. We got footage from it, and there were thousands and thousands of people just screaming."

Sheryl: "Hey Lil :D As i finished my Year 11 in May I just wondered when you look back on your school days, what do you remember/think of ? x Good Luck with Solo Stuff :) I know you'll do fab ! Much Love .. Sheryl x x ( Sheza Mac-beth from AK ) "

Lil Mac: "My friend Lisa, she keeps saying to me “Remember when we did this?? and I go “ No!?. “Do you remember this ?? I go “No!?. So, because I’ve had so many memories since school, I’ve kinda forgotten a lot of it, which is really bad! But I mean, I can remember big things.? So, when you think of school now, do you think you were happy ? “No...... I was when I went to my last school (Ellie Clark) yeah, but all my other schools I was getting bullied. And then I got into trouble for trying to sort it out myself. But that’s why i was happy at the last one."

The mysterous member of ak: "Once ur album comes out will u do a UK tour? "

Lil Mac: "Yeah, absolutely! But I want everyone to get used to the album before I start doing big shows. I want people to like it first and then come to my shows because they like the songs, and not just thinking `yeah, that was alright´. I want people to be singing along to them!"

LilFan: "Hi Lil! I just wanna ask what you think when people mis-spell your surname, and put McLarnon, McLaren and worse? Especially when it’s on promotional material!?"

Lil Mac: "It really does annoy me, but there’s nothing you can do about that… it would be alright if my name was Elizabeth Smith!"

Johnny: "I started writing lyrics since I was about 13-14. I’ll be turning 22 in November… What advice can you give to the undiscovered talents of the world? What are some simple approaches to get your music out?!"

Lil Mac: "Just don’t give up, gig loads, get in with other local bands and do showcases, but most important is to have faith in yourself but don’t be arrogant or aggressive…It’s nice to be nice!"

Yousef: "Hi Lil, were Sugababes AK’s rival?"

Lil Mac: "NO! I went to school with Heidi."

LilFan: "What do you think when you hear your own or an AK song in a public place like a shop, restaurant, pub or club? "

Lil Mac: "I very secretly wiggle my bum! And I go… (Liz dances)… and if I’m on my own, like in the loo, I go like that (crazy dance!).It’s really boss, I love it! "

harriet: "What was the first thing you saw when you got up this morning? And what is the strangest dream you have ever had?"

Lil Mac: "My eyelids! Because we went out last night for my brother’s birthday and had big party in Liverpool, and I fell asleep with my make-up on it and tons of mascara and false lashes. And I went “Oh, Oh?… you know when they stick together!! And then the strangest dream I’ve ever had was about this one cartoon and its people. And I lived when they lived, it was very cool but obviously it was a dream, because they were just in cartoons. So, it’s all really strange! "

LilFan: "Have you heard Tash and Jenny’s solo material, what do you think of it ? "

Lil Mac: "Very good! REALLY good! There are a couple of songs that Jen and Tash have done that I really like. And the good thing is that we all have completely different styles. Brilliant!"

Owen: "When you were thinking of being a solo performer after Atomic Kitten, did you ever consider doing something drastically different like fronting a rock band ?"

Lil Mac: "Yeah, I wanted to do something drastically different, and I still do. My favourite kind of music is like PINK... I like live guitars and drums, that’s my thing completely, I do everyone’s head in with it constantly. So yeah I’d love to, but I just love pop at the same time, so I will always keep it on the cusp. If I went anywhere with it, I’d always keep it on the cusp, coz I like pop"

Ana: "Lil, which is your favourite pop band?"

Lil Mac: "Pop band? Uh....*thinks* ..what popband? Yeah, McFly!"

Steffi: "For which band or artist would you love to write a song for?"

Lil Mac: "McFly..well no! I’d love to write one for Keith Urban...I’d love to write Keith Urban or Kelly Clarkson a ballad. Imagine that, him singing it on stage, and I’d be just… I’d love that."

Kate: "What music do you like to hear when you go into a club?"

Lil Mac: "At the minute I’ve been really weird, I’ve been going to live jazz bars… jazz clubs and places like that. And there is this band... I don’t know their name but they’re a scouser jazz band. And you know people take the mickey out of scouse people going “they do no they don’t, di doo dum do de don’t?, well they go like *sings* “Yeah ya know di doo do dont di do!? and it’s dead good, so I like that! But in clubs, it depends on if I’ve had a few drinks, if I have, mainly anything. Apart from really really serious know-the-lyric kind of house. I just go “I want to go home!""

Sheryl: "Lil Doll .. I wondered what you do when you get writers block with songwriting, and how do you know if you’ve written a song you’re happy with? "

Lil Mac: "I think you know when it’s going to be good or not as everyone just goes “Oh my god, oh my god, that’s wicked, that’s wicked!?. Like I went on the site the other day (and I didn’t tell anyone!!), and like when Woman in Love came out, or the Atomic Kitten songs came out and people first heard them, I’d see what they’d said. And lots of people would say ‘yeah’ and some people would say ‘no’, as you’d expect. So that’s what happened with Woman In Love, some people said ‘Why is she doing that?’ and so on. And so I’m like, ‘argh, it makes me nervous!It makes me dead nervous.´"

Pyllan: "Lil, if you'd get the chance to re-live a day, which one would it be and why?"

Lil Mac: "Oh,that’s wicked! *thinks* I think it would be the day we played for the Queen… when we did the Queen’s Jubilee."

Jacky: "What would you say if you met the Queen?"

Lil Mac: "Alright babe?! Love your hair!"

Katrin: "which team was your favourite after england droped out of the world cup?"

Lil Mac: "Well, no one really! But probably only Italy because the girl I’m living with at the moment, she is Italian, and she was screaming everytime there was a match on. I’d probably say that by the end of the competition I hated it, because she literally would just go like *Lil screams* and rambling on in Italian at the telly!! And her whole family would for some reason come to our house. We live right next to each other in the same area but they would just come to our house! And I was upstairs, trying to watch normal telly! So, probably only Italy because I couldn’t beat them so I had to join them."

Josh: "Who is your favourite Everton player from the present squad?"

Lil Mac: "From the present squad? Tim Cahill!" "And finally two questions that are about 80% of the mailbox…! Will you ever come to/release in: Slovenia, Romania, China, Hungary, Italy, Scotland….etc etc? "

Lil Mac: "I’ve got lots of stuff coming September and October. But there’s loads because I’ve tried to book time off for things and I can’t! " "Are there any more AK projects in the pipeline, like All Together Now and Cradle? "

Lil Mac: "No, we only did that to be a part of the whole FIFA thing. The Kitten stuff we do is for charity, things we have commitments to from before." "So, did you actually go to Germany for the World Cup in the end ? "

Lil Mac: "No I didn’t. Everyone was like “Oh I saw you there? and I was like “No way!?? It was like at Live 8, someone went “I saw you there on the front row?, and I was “No I wasn’t, I was in my house in Liverpool!?"