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Woman In Love Performance & Signing

HMV Manchester Trafford Centre - Fri 17th Feb 2006
review by, and with thanks to, Alex Holme!

Mid-morning we found out that Lil's single had climbed the charts to number 5. Top Five... everyone's dream for her. From that moment on we knew it was going to be a very special day.

So it was a very early start for us with Heidi driving all the way from down in Basingstoke. We got to Manchester after lunch, checked into our hotel, and met up with Lauren and Jess. We then squuuueeezed all six of us into Heidi's car and got ourselves up to the Trafford Centre.

Alex doing her bit for promotion!
Alex doing her bit for promotion!

After a spot of shopping, food, and a catch up with lovely peoples from the message board (coupla glasses of wine and some shots...).. the stage was all set and Lil and her heooowge entourage appeared from upstairs.

Lil performed 'I Get The Sweetest Feeling', 'Woman in Love' and finished with 'Whole Again'. Loads of her friends and family had made the trip to see her and the crowd was full of us barmy lot with our beautiful banners. 'Lil.. Lets get Pished!', 'Lil Mac - Solo Star', 'Love ya Lil' etc.

After the performance everyone dashed over to HMV for the signing. Lil was clearly made up by how many people had come to see her, and totally overwhelmed with the current chart position. It has been one very emotional week. Everyone was asking her 'What number is it now then ehh Lil?!' getting her more and more excited.

Kitten Claws!
Kitten claws - Lil and an extended posse

After the signing Lil sorted it so we could have a group photo with her.. one for the album! So we hung around and got some fab photos, naturally with our Kitten claws on show!

Lil dashed off after the gig with Eric to see Kelly Clarkson at Manchester Apollo, and to, quite frankly, get bevvied!!